Saturday, March 28, 2009

PIO Alert!

I know what you're thinking when you first saw this entry.

First: "Woah! Different picture formatting! I don't know what to do! Am I up or down? Can I tell my asshole from my mouth?! Am I high again? This is crazy!"

Second: "Is that Steve Perry and John Bon Jovi singing together? Sharing a stage and musically communicating to the masses, showcasing their incomparable awesomeness?! How did I not know this compilation existed? Am I a communist?"

First of all, yes, you are a communist and you have one of two options: a) just end it right now via your car, your garage and Wheel in the Sky playing non-stop on your CD player. Or b) don't kill yourself and just spend the next two weeks listening to nothing but Journey and Steve Perry's solo albums until you know every song more intimately than your lover's body.

Second of all, yes, Steve and John Bon Jovi did team up to perform a little ditty called Bring it on Home. And because I'm nice, I included the audio link from YouTube:

Enjoy, and wait for the PIOs that are bound to come.

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