Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why Pantene Should Sign Steve Perry

We must now turn our attention to Steve Perry's glorious man-hair and why Pantene should sign him on to its ad campaign. Exhibit A:

Just look at how the sun glistens off those locks! And I'm willing to bet there's not a split end to be had. It also looks like it's virgin hair--not a chemical has ever made contact with those precious tresses.

Exhibit B:

Even the crappy camera quality cannot stop the shine from burning your eyes. You thought you had nice hair? Oh, Mistaken One. I hope your ignorance brings shame to your family.

Now just think of all the lettuce the Pantene folks could be swimming in if they signed Steve on to sell their products. Shampoos and conditioners would literally fly off the shelves! Everybody would be trying to get a head of Perry-like hair of their very own! Pantene, what are you waiting for?
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