Thursday, April 16, 2009

FOX Loves Steve Perry!

The more I watch FOX, the more I'm convinced that somebody over there loves himself some Steve Perry. First there was the preview for Glee with "Don't Stop Believin'". And last night, during Idol, I saw this commercial:

How awesome is this? I have no desire to switch to AT&T, but this commercial made me briefly second-guess my relationship with T-Mobile. T-Mobile doesn't employ Journey songs in its commercials. Maybe a company who does will be better able to take care of my wireless needs. Who knows.

Speaking of Idol, when will we see a Journey/Steve Perry week? I would like to see what Adam Lambert could do with "Oh Sherrie."


  1. Yes, someone at FOX definitely knows that Steve Perry puts asses in the seats. (to sit down and watch FOX programing, natch)

    And like you, I wonder why American Idol, with the sweet Randy Jackson hook-up, doesn't have an SP week?

  2. I know!! If I were Randy I would be campaigning so hard for an SP week!! SP has lots of good songs--I would love to see the Idols try their hand at them.

  3. I loved when Randy was their bassman (so punchy) and Steve Smith was still Journey's drummer. To me, there was no better lineup. But, gotta admit that Greg Rollie's counterpoint with Steve was really engaging. I've often wondered if Herbie Herbert didn't have something going with Steve in the beginning.