Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Steve Perry is Making Love to You...

It's 4:30p.m. You're at work. You're antsy, bored and ready to get the hell home. But let's be honest: you also need to get laid. Like, NOW. But you can't really do anything at work, lest you get slapped with a sexual harrassment lawsuit or written up for indecent/lewd exposure/conduct. You need to be discreet.

That's where the above picture comes in. Just look at those bedroom eyes. And they're meant for you, lover. Yes, you. Take it up a notch and pull up YouTube. Search for "Lights." Listen as those sweet melodies and Steve's smooth vocals invade your ears and head right into your cerebellum--and your heart. You feel that? Now we're talkin'.

Close your eyes. Revel in the music. Open your eyes and stare at Steve mooning all over you.
And wait for the PIO.

You're welcome.

Image borrowed from the Steve Perry (Journey) fan page on Facebook


  1. How did you know? Are you in my office right now?

    I really need to get blogspot ID, I'm sick of being "Anonymous" and this blog is my crackpipe.

  2. I'm glad you like reading it, because I really love writing it. It's how I get through the work day!

  3. You keep writing, I'll keep reading. (and commenting)

  4. I feel stupid for asking but wgat is PIO?

  5. Don't feel stupid! PIO stands for Perry-Induced Orgasm.