Tuesday, May 5, 2009


As I was browsing through the pictures on the Steve Perry (Journey) fan page on Facebook, I ran across the above picture. Your eyes aren't deceiving you. That's Steve Perry showing off his glorious man-hair. Even he knows it's gorgeous! And I can't say I blame him. If I had a head of Steve Perry hair, I'd be drawing attention to it as much as possible.
Steve, what do you use on your hair?!


  1. Thank you for posting that photo! Have you seen the video of this? He takes his hair out of the ponytail and swings it around, stripper-style, then he throws the scrunchie to an audience member.

    Serious man-hair awesomeness.

  2. I have not seen the video, but I am going on YouTube to find it right now!

  3. Here it is:


    It's even more awe-inspiring than I remember. I'm a total fangirl for his hair.

  4. Thanks for posting it! I gotta say, I got a little jealous watching that video. His hair is brilliant! So shiny! So sleek! Probably soft as hell too. I wonder what his secret is?!

  5. I have no idea what Steve's hair secret is, but when I visited his hometown of Hanford almost everyone had super shiny black hair. I think the secret is in the water. Which smells like eggs, by the way.

    I cleared my afternoon to clean out my closet, but I'm procrastinating by watching Journey videos online. Eek!

  6. Aren't egg whites supposed to make your hair super shiny? The fact that Hanford's water smells like eggs...coincidence?

    Yeah, I can easily waste an hour at work watching Journey videos online. Ah, the beauty of the internets.