Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Seen and Heard

Location: O'Toole's Irish Pub in Brandon, FL (the name makes me laugh because it has the word "tool" in it--I'm juvenile, I know)

Heard: "Don't Stop Believin'" sung by ME

So I realize that it might be considered cheating doing a "Seen and Heard" on something I instigated, but, really, I don't care. Besides, if it had been anybody else, I would have posted about it as well.

Anyway, after a day of farmer's markets, cupcakes, cafes and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a friend invited me to get my karaoke on at O'Tooles on Saturday. Since I love me some sing-alongs, I agreed to go, and we headed out to meet up with some of our other friends who were already there. When we got there, I knew the place would not disappoint--a woman was up onstage singing a country song, the DJ was smiling, and the crowd and bartenders were singing along. All in all, it had a good energy and I could not wait to see what other songs we would be treated to.

While the songs that followed were fun, I knew something was missing--namely, a good, rousing Journey song. So I filled out a slip with "Don't Stop Believin'" (as well as a few other non-Journey tunes) and handed it to the DJ. And when my turn came to sing, I was right. The crowd started to fill out and rock out, not because I was any good, mind you, but because it was "Don't Stop Believin'." Helen Keller could have sung that song and gotten the same reaction. Journey has this indescribable power to bring people together. A bar full of strangers? After a Journey song, they're all BFFs. A lover's quarrel? Play a little "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'" and that will be what the couple will be doing after two seconds of listening. I don't know of any other song or band with that kind of power.

Maybe we should start sending our soldiers overseas a shit-ton of Journey CDs and boomboxes and have them blare Steve Perry at all hours of the day and night and let him work his magic. Pretty soon guns will be exchanged for hugs and words of hate for words of praise of the awesomeness of Journey and the wonder that is Steve Perry.


  1. Representin' at the karaoke bar is a must for all Journey fans. Job well done.

    Another must for Journey fans: Dropping the "g".