Thursday, May 7, 2009

Steve Perry Can Get You Hired...At Least in a Virtual World

If authoring this blog doesn't adequately illustrate what a nerd I am regarding all things Journey, then this post definitely will. Recently, my co-workers got me into a game on Facebook called Farm Town. It's a very basic Sim City-type of game: you build a farm, hire people to harvest your goods, and plant more stuff with the money you get from selling your harvests. You can also earn money by harvesting other people's crops, and one way to do this is to go to the marketplace and, essentially, whore yourself out.

Sadly, I'm not exaggerating when I say you have to whore yourself out. The marketplace is teeming with other farmers who need the work, and you have to make yourself stand apart from the crowd. You really have to hustle. (Ironically, it's a perfect illustration of our shitty economy--too many farmers need the work and there aren't enough farms hiring.) So, after a couple of days of going to the marketplace and begging for work unsuccessfully, I decided to take a different approach and "sing" "Don't Stop Believin'." I was hoping that the mutual love for Journey that everyone shares would get me a job--after all, how could you not hire a farmer with a love for Journey?

Well, I was right. No sooner had I typed in "Just a small town girl/ Livin' in a loney world/She took the midnight train goin' anywhere" than somebody hired me. Wanna know what he said? "Honestly, I saw you singing and had to hire you. I love Journey."

BOOM. Journey=jobs. At least in Farm Town, anyway.