Thursday, June 11, 2009

And Now For a Little Something Visual...

Okay, so this isn't much of a post, but I figured that since my weekend will officially start after 5:30 this afternoon, I would kick it off with a little something visual. So I present to you Steve Perry's "Foolish Heart" video. I have become obsessed with this song as of late. I just love it. I love the emotion in it, and it evokes memories of when I was little, riding in the car with my parents, and this song would come on the radio. It's also a good rainy day song. I also love the video; I love its simplicity, the fact that there's nothing to watch except Steve, singing alone on a stool in an empty auditorium. I love the emotion on Steve's face as he sings, and then how the camera pans out after he's sung a few bars.

So without further ado...

P.S. Think I wrote the phrase "I love" enough times? No? I LOVE THIS SONG!

P.P.S. If anybody could please tell me how to embed videos in Blogger, I would greatly appreciate it! :-)

Edit: So apparently I'm a retard and didn't play around with Blogger long enough. Embedding isn't that hard after all.


  1. Great video. He has such a tragic, worldly look in his eyes.

    Don't you just copy and paste the "embed" code from youtube into Blogger, or is it more involved?

  2. See, I tried that, but it just showed the embed code. I'll try again, though. I'd love to embed videos instead of just provide the links.

  3. just copy and paste the embed code...::sheepish look::...thank god it's the weekend.

  4. No need to look sheepish, you were probably just flustered from the Perry awesome. Perfectly understandable.

  5. That's right! Steve, see what you do to me?