Friday, June 12, 2009

A Little Piece of Me Just Died

Whenever my father gets to talking about the record albums he used to own, it breaks my heart. He had some good albums: Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon; Alice Cooper's School's Out; The Rolling Stone's Some Girls. But during a phone conversation earlier today, he revealed something that I believe caused a little piece of me to die: he had Journey's Captured album.

Now, in my father's defense, his reasons for getting rid of his substantial collection made sense: they took up too much room; he only liked about a handful of songs from each album; and some he didn't like at all, he got them because my mom wanted them (Captured fell into this category--so he claims). So he thought he would save some space and make a little extra money by recording the songs and albums he did want on cassette tapes and then selling the records. He couldn't have possibly foreseen that twenty years down the road records would make a comeback as vintage collector's items or that his then three year-old daughter would grow up to have similar musical tastes and would want them.

Still, though, it kills me. My dad said all of his records were in good condition when he got rid of them, and I believe him. He has a slight compulsion when it comes to keeping things neat and orderly, and he takes very good care of his possessions. I believe that if he had kept his collection, they would be in pristine condition (excluding whatever signs of age they might have had). I mean, an original Journey album--on vinyl! How cool is that?

I know that if I really wanted to, I could go on eBay or to a record store and get Captured, and I probably will. I have a designated "record wall" in my apartment on which the likes of MeatLoaf, Blue Oyster Cult and Robert Goulet currently reside. But it's not the same--it lacks that magic that happens when a family member gives you a family antique or something rife with sentimental value. They pass on a legacy. I won't be the recipient of any legacies by buying it from a vendor. But I did learn a valuable lesson from Pops and his records: I will never, ever get rid of my CDs. For one, I like them, and listen to them frequently, but perhaps more importantly, I'll probably pass them on to my kids (after I die, of course--you think I'm giving those little hooligans my prized CD collection while I'm still breathing?). Those will be the CDs they will have grown up on, and perhaps one day would want to own. Including Journey. :-)

Oh, and Pops, if you're reading this--I know you're a closet Journey fan. Come on out and join the madness. :-)

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