Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reason #4,654,459 Why Steve Perry is a God Among Men

He manages to pull off what are otherwise known as fashion no-nos. Take the above picture, for example: by tying a sweater around his neck and wearing a denim jacket, it seems as if he's confused by what he wants his outfit to say. Does he want to come across as a yuppie? Or as a tough guy? In addition, both elements are way too big and bulky for his petite frame, adding visual weight instead of reducing it.

Yet he pulls it off! Let's be honest here: it's Steve Perry, he can wear whatever the fuck he wants. Who the hell are we to question his choice in clothes? After all, nothing he wears is a mistake. He chooses his outfits with the precision of a sniper going after a target. He wants to send out mixed signals. He wants to keep us guessing. He refuses to be pigeonholed into a stereotype. It's like he's saying, "Try to guess. I dare ya." He doesn't want us to know what his body really looks like, if only for the sake of surprise. Wearing bulky outfits like this one gives him the freedom to bust out in his signature leotard/tight jeans or tight jeans/leather jacket/no shirt combos, thus surprising (and simultaneously turning on) his audience.

Steve knows what's up. He's nobody's fool.


  1. Big deal. I could wear that and pull it off. I'm just as awesome as Steve Perry.

    I'm a LIAR.

  2. I love your posts about Steve Perry's fashions. I swear I read an interview a couple of years ago by someone who worked for Journey and said that most of Steve's stage clothes were created by Steve and made for him at the Nightmare offices.

    "He wants to keep us guessing. He refuses to be pigeonholed into a stereotype."

    So true, and that is why he's The Man.

  3. You know, while I love maintaining this blog, one of my favorite topics to write about is Steve's outfits. They're just rife with material. :-)

  4. http://www.steveperry-perryville.com/TheInterview.html

    This is the interview with a former Journey photographer. The part about Steve's fashions (and hair!) is down a bit, but so funny.

  5. Reading it now and getting psyched for my own photography class. So far I am jealous; it seemed that in the 70s and 80s you could pretty much take photos and stuff of all these great, upcoming classic bands and nobody would care. Nowadays you have to hide your camera in an orifice to get it past security. :-/

  6. Oh i think we all know what his body looks like. Muscular and down right sexy! Why hide that when you know we all love it? God he has the best arms especially in Raised on Radio and is so godly like. And as the blog explains it, he is the father of none. Too bad he couldn't donate some of him to create more of him. If you know what I mean. Let his offspring cleanse the world from impurities like Justin Beiber.

  7. One daughter two grandchildren