Sunday, June 7, 2009

Steve Perry and Arrested Development: A Winning Combination

Now I know what you may be thinking when you visited this blog today (or whenever): a twofer? This almost never happens! Is it my birthday or something? And what does Arrested Development have to do with Steve Perry?

First of all, it's not that rare of an occurrence. I've posted two (sometimes three!) entries on the same day. Calm down. Breathe in a paper bag if you need to. Secondly, I don't know, is it your birthday? Only you would know that. If it is, happy birthday with an extra-large PIO from Steve to you, and if it isn't, you still get an extra-large PIO. You just can't have too many of those. Thirdly, you may not be able to bridge the gap between Arrested Development and Steve Perry, but I did, so check it...

My friend Brett is convinced that Steve Perry is a fan of Arrested Development and you know what? I agree with him. After all, Arrested Development is hilarious, brilliant and awesome all the way around, and since Steve is also brilliant and awesome, it would make sense that he would be a fan. I imagine that he owns all three seasons and watches them frequently. I wonder what his favorite character is...G.O.B.? Or maybe Tobias? I can see him as a Tobias-type of guy.

Now, keeping Steve's fandom in mind, I think it's only fitting that Mitch Hurwitz give him a cameo in the Arrested Development movie. He could be a Tobias mentor! Even though he isn't an actor, per se, Tobias could be inspired by his performance both on stage and in Journey's music videos and ask to study under him. (See what I did there? Because the running joke is that Tobias is gay and--aw, forget it.) Hilarity would ensue! Or maybe G.O.B. could use him in one of his illusions (not tricks; those are what whores do for money...or candy). And Lindsay could try to seduce him! See, there are no limits to what Steve could do with the Bluths! He'd be a perfect cast! He and Arrested Development are a winning combination!


  1. This Brett fellow sounds like a wonderful man.

  2. Of course Tobias and Lindsey would stop stalking Bob Loblaw and be all over Steve Perry like white on rice. "because somebody wanted a boyfriend"

    I like the way you think, Brett.

  3. There are world of possibilities for Steve Perry in the Arrested Development universe!