Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Angsty Steve!

This video gives us the rarely seen "angsty Steve." That's right--not all of his videos are of him undressing you with his eyes and serenading you with sweet nothings. There are a few (see also Foolish Heart), such as this one, where the snazzy outfits and flowing man-hair are considerably toned down because Steve wants you to feel one thing and one thing only: his angst!

And after having watched this video, can't you feel it? I mean, the angst and hopelessness is palpable! If you were to stick your tongue out, you'd be able to taste it. Try it. See? Taste that metallic flavor? That's Steve Perry's ANGST! His hurt! His anger! (Told ya you'd be able to taste it.)

But, like any man with a support system, his bros come to the rescue in the form of free-falling out the window and staring at him as he drinks coffee. Hey, I don't pretend to understand male-bonding. But, really, when it comes to Steve Perry and Journey, are we even entitled to an explanation?

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