Saturday, July 11, 2009

Seen and Heard

Location: Howl at the Moon (an awesomely fun dueling piano bar) in Tampa, FL

Heard: Don't Stop Believin' (really, what other Journey songs are played in clubs and bars?)

It's Friday night. I'm part of an incredibly rad 80s-themed bachelorette party, imbibing alcoholic beverages and enjoying the rowdiness that Howl at the Moon consistenly seems to offer. From Cyndi Lauper- and Madonna-inspired costumes to a costume that looks like the lovechild of Rainbow Brite and Punky Brewster (a.k.a. mine), we're all clapping and singing along and having a grand ol' time. Then, one of the piano players says, "Who wants to hear some Journey?" which causes applause and cheers from all across the room. He teases us at first, playing a little "Faithfully," "Lights," and "Who's Crying Now," knowing full well the song we want: "Don't Stop motherfuggin' Believin'." Then, after airing his concerns of possibly getting his ass kicked if he didn't go ahead and play the damn song, we heard those magical opening bars and commenced a drunken group sing-along.

If I haven't adequately described the pure, unadulterated joy I feel when I hear Journey played in a public place when I least expect it, let me announce: THAT IS ONE OF THE GREATEST EXPERIENCES LIFE HAS TO OFFER! It unites strangers and makes us all feel as if we're at home (or at a friend's house) instead of in a random bar. I love experiences like that. It makes life a little richer.

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