Saturday, September 26, 2009


So I know that this is not a Steve Perry-related post, but please allow me to indulge for just a second. I grew up in North Florida, where all throughout my childhood and adolescence, I had to hear how great either the Florida State Seminoles or the University of Florida Gators were. When it came time for me to head off to college, I chose to go to the University of South Florida, not because we had a great football team (I transferred in '04 and we sucked--big time) but because I liked the mass comm program. I figured that our football program would always be an underdog of sorts, and was fine with that--like I said, I didn't choose to study there because of the football team. However, I have to say that as an alum and a fan of the Bulls, it feels so fuckin' GREAT to see my alma mater hand the Seminoles their asses on a platter ON THEIR TURF. It's a new era in college football, boys and girls, and all these teams that have been relying on their legacies are gonna have to step it up a notch and actually bring their A game.