Friday, December 11, 2009

Isn't it Bromantic?

I told you I'd find more evidence of Steve and Neal's secret bromance! TOLD. YOU. You didn't think I would, did you? DID YOU?! Oh ye of little faith. I present to you Exhibit B: Steve Perry being all up on his guitarist and "arch rival," Neal Schon. Oh sure, they're rocking out. Mmm hmm. Okay. Riiiiggggghhhhtttt. That's what they want you to think. Because if you knew the truth, that these two are BFFs, the whole Journey legacy would crumble like a house of playing cards. Now you might be saying, "SVB, you're reaching. Far. Drop this silly conspiracy you've cooked up and talk about Steve's crotch some more." First of all, you would say something like that, perv. But more importantly, riddle me this: if these two were just rocking out in the moment, like you say, then WHY THE HELL IS STEVE THAT CLOSE? I mean, he's practically mounting Neal! Think about it: would you want to be that close to the area of a person you didn't even like? I'm just saying.

Okay, continue to doubt, Doubting Thomas. But when this shit gets real and you see it on Extra or Entertainment Tonight or a more credible website, remember where you heard it first. And help me get my cut of the profit.


  1. Hell, Have you seen Steve with Greg Rolie in the old days of Journey. Steve always looked like he was trying to get him self off by rubbing his ass or crotch against Greg. Probably why Rolie got the hell out of the band. Who wants some she-male who sounds like he has his testicles caught in a food processor pushing their plumbing into you while you are trying to sing.

  2. You know that is the REAL story of how Steve's hip got injured. He hurt it wrapping his legs around Neal's waist every night. Now they need to find a different position so Steve's darn hip replacement doesn't pop out.