Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ring in the New Year With Steve!

So even though I couldn't find any audio or video clips of Steve Perry singing Christmas carols, I did manage to find an audio file of Steve Perry, with Journey, singing Auld Lang Syne at a New Years concert. I know, I know. Go figure, right? YouTube is a vexing beast. This clip also includes a few other covers, should you wish to listen past the first song (and really, who wouldn't?).

Happy New Years, everybody! Pop open a bubbly and ring in 2010 with Steve Perry and your loved ones. I know that's what Steve will be doing. Except instead of going to sleep after the ball has dropped, he'll probably be banging a lady friend while simultaneously giving you a PIO as you watch old Journey videos and listen to your favorite Journey songs. Talk about starting the new year off with a bang.

1 comment:

  1. Steve was ringing in the new year with my loved ones? So THAT'S where they were! And no invite for me? Stupid loved ones... they're a little less loved right now, I'll tell you that!