Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Strung Out

So I landed on this video on YouTube and started watching it, hoping that it would be cheesetastic, but was surprised to see that it was pretty straightforward. Steve Perry was rocking a pretty normal outfit, and the song is pretty catchy. However, I did notice one thing: one of the guitar players looks reminiscent of Neal Schon. Which got me thinking: if this was for Steve Perry's solo album, away from all things Journey, why would one of his guitar players look like Neal? Especially since the two are pretty much arch rivals. Could it be possible that the fighting and disagreements were just a public ruse and they secretly share a mutual platonic man-love? A bromance, if you will? To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised--the drama certainly bodes well for publicity. It's more interesting than reading story after story of how the two are BFFs for life. It's food for thought, and I will definitely be doing research to find more circumstantial evidence. Stay tuned.


  1. Well I hope Steve did not cheat on Neal with the look a like guitarist !!!

  2. I have thought this since the beginning, even wrote a short story about their affair(s). Nothing looks more convincing than their youtube video of Girl Can't Help It (all versions), when Perry hits Neal with "that look" after slinking over to him and back. Very titillating (no pun intended).