Saturday, September 26, 2009


So I know that this is not a Steve Perry-related post, but please allow me to indulge for just a second. I grew up in North Florida, where all throughout my childhood and adolescence, I had to hear how great either the Florida State Seminoles or the University of Florida Gators were. When it came time for me to head off to college, I chose to go to the University of South Florida, not because we had a great football team (I transferred in '04 and we sucked--big time) but because I liked the mass comm program. I figured that our football program would always be an underdog of sorts, and was fine with that--like I said, I didn't choose to study there because of the football team. However, I have to say that as an alum and a fan of the Bulls, it feels so fuckin' GREAT to see my alma mater hand the Seminoles their asses on a platter ON THEIR TURF. It's a new era in college football, boys and girls, and all these teams that have been relying on their legacies are gonna have to step it up a notch and actually bring their A game.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Seen and Heard: Triple Threat!

Well, loveys, it's been awhile since I've updated this blog, and I really don't have any good excuses. I've just been lazy. But I've encountered so much Journey music at random times these past few weeks, that I felt a Seen and Heard is the best way to get back on track. So without further ado...

Locations: Five Guys in Tampa, FL; a USF football game at Raymond James; a wedding in Louisville, KY

Heard: "Don't Stop Believin'" (Five Guys); "Any Way You Want It" (football game); "Faithfully" (wedding)

Probably my favorite out of the three was being surprised by "Any Way You Want It" blaring from a car radio in the tailgate lot at Raymond James Stadium. The icing on the cake was the drunky drunk slurring along with it, decked out in green and gold. Just witnessing the school spirit, along with a love of Journey coalesce so beautifully brought a tear to my eye and an extra spring to my step and got me psyched for the game. And talk about a good omen: USF won that night, and I do believe that it was the talent of the players plus the fact that a Journey song was played beforehand that helped seal the victory.

I was also excited to hear "Faithfully" played at the wedding reception, although I do believe the DJ played it at the wrong time, thus wasting a perfectly good Journey song. He just didn't read the crowd properly. A few too many slow songs had already been played and the energy was just dwindling. While I do applaud this effort to psych everyone up with a little Journey, I think a more appropriate song would have been "Don't Stop Believin'" or maybe a little "Be Good to Yourself." But that's just my humble opinion.