Monday, March 8, 2010

Fact or Fiction?

Steve Perry was the inspiration for Waldo of Where's Waldo? fame.

Fact. Well, he wasn't the inspiration for Waldo's face, since Waldo looks like the type of guy who could get his ass beaten by a seven year-old, but he was the muse for Waldo's signature striped shirt and jeans. Waldo's creator, Martin Handford, attended a Journey concert in Liverpool in the early eighties where he was, "...tripping my shit out on acid and generally not giving a fuck...and then the band came on and Steve [Perry] was in this brilliant red-and-white striped shirt and blue jeans. He looked like a giant peppermint man...the image has stayed with me ever since."

Fun fact: Where's Waldo? was originally going to be called Where's the Giant Peppermint Man? but that title was scrapped since it was a) too long and not all that catchy, and b) Handford was afraid it would be associated with Christmas.

P.S. The above image was found in this Flickr photostream, along with other Steve Perry "art."

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