Monday, March 22, 2010


So ever since January, I've been planning what I would do to celebrate LOMFON's one-year anniversary. My original plan was to buy the domain name and make our little place on the web "official," but I caved and did that way back in January because it was only ten bucks and, knowing my luck, someone would have bought it. Yes, I know it's a very specific domain name, but believe me--if you counted up all the times I've gotten lucky (no, not that way, pervs) versus all the times I haven't, you'd think I would have walked under a million ladders, chilled out with hundreds upon hundreds of black cats and broke mirrors just for the hell of it. If I hadn't jumped on that deal, somebody else would have. I can feel it in my bones.

Anyway, since I bought the domain name early, my fall-back plan was to actually make some Perry Pops and photograph the journey from start to finished product. I'm sure you guys wouldn't have given two shits, but it would have been something to acknowledge the fact that this ridiculous blog has been plaguing the internet for a WHOLE YEAR now. But, one thing led to another, and when I went back to the very first post to check the date, I saw that our one-year mark passed and nothing was done to commemorate it. Epic. Fail.

Life goes on, though, and it's not too late to do a little celebrating. So buy the best hair care products on the market, pop open a bottle of bubbly and sex somebody's world up because Lover of Many, Father of None is ONE YEAR OLD! WOOOOOOO!!!! And I'm pleased to say that my reservoir of bullshit still hasn't dried up!

One year of craziness down. Many more to come. Whether you want them to or not.

P.S. Please enjoy sumo wrestler Akebono's cover of "Don't Stop Believin'" as part of the festivities. Because a mediocre milestone needs to be commemorated with a video of a fat man singing Journey. Thanks to Ross Muir for notifying me of this little gem:

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