Monday, May 3, 2010

Fact or Fiction?

Steve Perry has a "love lair" aboard the International Space Station.

Fact. Now is as good a time as any to let the cat out of the bag, I guess. For a number of years, Steve Perry has had a private residence on board the International Space Station ("because Earth feels too confining sometimes"--his words, not mine). And within his private residence is his very own love lair, complete with all the Tang and freeze-dried ice cream you can consume. The few ladies who have been lucky enough to visit the lair liken it to Studio 54--except it's in space, and it's Journey, not disco, that is blasting from the speakers. The sexual experiences that these women are said to have had in that room are literally out of this world. It's that erotic, that mind-blowing, that the human body simply can't handle it within the gravitational confines of the planet Earth. Don't believe me? Remember that one astronaut chick who drove all the way from Texas to Florida in a diaper because she was all crazy and lovestruck and shit? It was because she got a little taste of some Steve Perry lovin' in space and wanted more, which brings me to another important point: Steve has to be extra cautious who he decides to sex up in the lair. Some people just can't handle it.


  1. Could anything be better than Lover of Many, Father of None? I just really, really don't think so.

  2. Aw, thanks! :-) However, LOMFON wouldn't exist if Steve Perry hadn't decided to get into music and be the frontman of Journey, so Steve, if you happen to read this (which I doubt, but whatever), thanks. You are awesome.

  3. Dear Sarah,
    I am Steven,. I'm 55, father to three beautiful girls, 19,26,28,.. (Chapman U. student/coxwain for the men's crew team, Astro-Molecular Biologist, and former classical ballet dancer now Office Mgr."sharkbusters" div. DOJ-NY) I have a stunning beauty of a bride, now closer to me than ever, with whom I've been stone in love for 33 years,.. actually 35 years, (it took me two years to get her to go out with me),.. we've lived and loved to SP for all of those years. I confess freely to the orgasm origin to which you refer.
    However, REAL men don't have to slug whiskey nor lift anything so unhandy to express themselves manly. It is simply enough to hold that lovely woman to my unhairy chest and shed a tear. We melt mutually together and it IS love. Our girls theme song is, of course, "Don't Stop Believin'" and since the year of that song is as well our year to wed it is especially loved,. we had it played at the end of our wedding service. We would concur with your observations most heartily... Love your blog ! Steven

  4. Sarah,
    BTW,... I didn't have to read your explanation to know your Title meaning. It was understood from the start. Great powers of observation are common in SP fans !

  5. Steven, my friend, you are AWESOME. :-) I am glad you are enjoying the blog.