Sunday, June 27, 2010

Question of the Day

How awesome would it be if Peeps issued a Steve Perry Peep?

This isn't even a yes or no question because no doubt about it, a Steve Perry Peep would be awesome as hell. Anybody who thinks otherwise is a douchebag. However, just how awesome it would be is up for debate. I don't even like Peeps, but if they came out with a Steve Perry Peep, I'd spend most of my disposable income buying as much of those little bastards as humanly possible. Just imagine: the glorious man-hair (in marshmallow form)! The vintage Journey outfit! The fact that it's a fucking STEVE PERRY PEEP! Wait a minute, I think I just--yeah. I just had an idea.

What if they came out with Peeps of the whole damn band?

People, this needs to happen. We need to get in touch with Peeps Corporation or Peeps Company or whoever the hell it is that makes Peeps and request Journey Peeps.

What outfits would you like to see the Steve Perry Peep rock? How 'bout the rest of the band?


  1. Yes, I think women would line up to put Steve Perry in their mouth.... Which sounds dirty cause it is !!!!

  2. LOL. I have to admit, that's a good one!

  3. Have you ever put a peep in the microwave?

    It grows like crazy. I mean fills the microwave grows... So you get peeps to make a Steve Perry Peep and I will show you how to make it life size!

  4. Does it get hard in the microwave ??? LOL
    Actually I am rethinking the peep thing, I feel any candy resembling Steve should be cream filled !!!
    We are a disturbed bunch of ladies.Is there any wonder poor Steve is practically a recluse. Wonder if he still employees body guards to protect his "virtue"

  5. @Taylor--a life-size Steve Perry Peep! That would be magnificent!