Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yo, Peep 'Dis!

First off, my apologies to anyone who read the title of this post and got all excited, thinking we were about to embark on a fantastical journey (see what I did there?) to the land of the marshmallow treats. Sorry, boo. Go to the grocery store to get your fix. Secondly, I've been meaning to update this blog, but my laziness and Discovery Health documentaries like "The Woman With 15 Personalities" keep distracting me (and I'm sorry, but not even Steve Perry can compete with a woman who has 15 personalities). Luckily, I'm blessed to have a circle of email pals (pen pals of the 21st century, get with the program, people) who a) love Steve Perry just as much as I do, b) are excellent writers and c) sometimes choose to combine the two. One such email pal, Lara, has posted her own Steve Perry essay on her site, Lara's Lane. In addition to being a Steve Perry lover and an excellent writer (which makes her super cool, by the way), she is also a photographer. And, incidentally, she did write a story about Peeps.

Another email pal of mine, Ross Muir of Fabrications, (who is also super cool), just issued a third edition of an eBook he wrote, called One in a Million-A Vocal Analysis of The Voice. For those of you having a hard time keeping up, it's an eBook about Steve Perry. You can download it here.

And, finally, if you haven't done so yet (even though I've linked to it dozens of times--well, maybe not DOZENS, but a few times), check out Chosen Madness, written by yet another super-cool email pal of mine, Deb. It is her own analysis and hyperbole about Steve Perry.

And just because I know you're still not satisfied:


  1. Please tell me that's an actual product and I can buy a chocolate egg with a Peep inside. Please.

  2. I...don't know, actually. I just Googled "Peeps" and that came up.

  3. I love Peeps,and would adore a chocolate covered one. Maybe not as much as a chocolate covered Steve but it would be pretty cool.