Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crotch Shot of the Day!

So I've been thinking, what better way to drag myself out of my staycation coma than with a rousing discussion about Steve's nethers? What, you agree? You think it's a great idea? This is why we're friends.

Oh, Steve. SteveSteveSteveSTEVE. Why do you do this to yourself, man? I mean, look at you in this picture--you're hunched over in PAIN! Sure, you may say it's because you're just feelin' the music, but come on--we know the truth. Those nut-crunchers are painful. Just admit it. I mean, we can all see it. Admitting that your boys are in agony doesn't make you a weak man; it makes you honest.

Tell me, Steve--did you have to ice down, your, you know, area after that performance? Or did you just drink the pain away?

*Picture from the Steve Perry gallery on Picasa:


  1. Sorry but I got to say it...I am sure women would have lined up with ice packs and volunteered to do that for Steve. Only problem is Neal would have been in the way. LOL !!!

  2. I do believe you're right. The ladies would have been a clamorin'.

  3. Very nice picture. My son is 13 and loves anything Journey and Steve Perry. Who'da thought??? Well, he's only lacking 2 albums and he of course wants them on cd.

    I'm electronically challenged and my son loaded my zune. I have to beg him to put something else on it. How can you not be obsessed when that is all that is one your music list?

    Further more can you imagine? He is 61 and everyone still loves him. Sometimes good guys do finish first.

    PS: He could get a harem if he wanted they would be lined up ready and waiting.

  4. Winter Witch, your son sounds hella cool. You must be doing something right. :-) And you are absolutely right. If Steve Perry decided he wanted a harem, he would have to beat back applicants with a stick! Not bad for a 61 year-old dude.

  5. Com afeto sincero, meu Amigo... <3