Thursday, September 9, 2010

Journey: The Rocumentary

A reader recently sent me the link to this YouTube channel of Journey spoofs. While the music video spoofs are funny, what really had me LOL-ing was this mock rocumentary:

What really won me over? The brief flash of a Jonathan Taylor Thomas pinup with the confession,"Steve Perry is my real father." Brings me back to the days when JTT posters were plastered all over my walls and BOP magazines littered my bedroom. Ah, 2006. Okay, okay--it was really 1997. You got me. And the touch of Journey mixed in with said former child star-slash-tween heartthrob? Genius. Although Steve Perry will always be the Lover of Many, Father of NONE, I do wish he really were JTT's father. That would just be...taneriffic ('cause they're both tan, get it?).