Tuesday, October 19, 2010


In my previous post, I revealed that I would be going out of town, but when I came back, I would have a surprise for the blog. Well, I am back, which means that it's time to hold up my promise. But first, a back story:

Yesterday, I got back from an extended weekend in Pasadena, California, where I was visiting some friends. Since the last time I laid eyes on southern California I was a year old, I wanted to see all the cool, touristy things in L.A., one of which was the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As my friend and I were walking up and down the boulevard, living just to find emotion (see what I did there?) we stumbled across this little gem:

SURPRISE! It's the mother freaking Journey star, peeps! I saw it in the flesh, and photographically documented it for your ocular pleasure! And just so you know I'm for reals and not a lying whore, I also took a picture of me posing with the star.

You'll also notice that in true Journey-dork form, I am rocking the Journey t-shirt I procured back in May. Photographic evidence for the win! Speaking of being honest, I should also disclose that when I say we "stumbled upon" the Journey star, what I really mean is I found its address and obsessively dragged my poor friend up and down the boulevard until we found it. But wait! That's not all! As we were walking through the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum, we came across a display of unused concert tickets from classic rock n' roll acts and guess what I saw?

Word! It was a Jouney-riffic trip to the Hollywood Boulevard, and the only thing that could have made it sweeter was if there were a Steve Perry wax figure at Madame Tussauds. But beggars can't be choosers, am I right or am I right?

Okay, I realize that this "surprise" may be a little anti-climactic, especially since I already uploaded the photo of the Journey star to Twitter while in California. I also realize that all of my "surprises" I've posted on this blog have probably been disappointing and a waste of time, and for that I wish I could I say I am sorry, but I'm really not. Whaddya want from me? Like the "about me" says, I'm just a girl who loves me some Steve Perry and Journey. That's it. I have no magic powers, or a rich and powerful sugar daddy who could grant my every wish. (Although I am taking applications. And when I say, "I am taking applications," I mean I'm taking applications from Mike Rowe or Curtis Stone or Rob Dyrdek. Word up on that.) I do what I can, and if that means dashing your hopes with mediocrity, then so be it. I still saw and touched the Journey star, though, so nanny nanny boo boo.

Edit: I had to add Rob Dyrdek to my list of potential sugar daddies because I'm always talking about how I want to marry him, and as my friend Taylor pointed out, I made the gross mistake of leaving him out. She said that by doing so, I just ruined any chances of Rob Dyrdek stumbling upon my blog and crossing me off of his list of potential sugar daddy recipients. When I said that he probably doesn't make a list, she said that he did because he was like a Sugar Daddy Santa Claus and he will cross me off his list. She said that by reminding me of this mistake and making sure I rectified it, she just saved Rob's and my marriage and that was maid of honor material. I have to agree.


  1. LOVE the post and am green with envy! I just recently travelled through the Dallas/Ft. Worth and Atlanta airports and the only face I was looking for was the man SP. While my sister thought (and thinks) I am nuts, she was also hoping to find him so I would shut my piehole. I even carried a CD and sharpie marker just in case. Needless to say I didn't find him, but had a blast just thinking about the chance, ya know? I have been loving the SF Giants games and all the youtube vids that show him having a blast at the games. Thanks again for sharing!

  2. You're welcome, and I'm glad you like the post! I'm right with you on looking for celebrities at airports, except I'm keeping an eye out for either Mike Rowe or Curtis Stone. I never bring anything for them to sign, but I do have my camera so hopefully if I ever see them, they wouldn't object to a photo op. :-) And you're right--even if we don't get to see the celebrities we're looking for, just thinking about it is fun in and of itself.

  3. I feel much better about your love life now that the edit(s) have been made. Rob, if you read this, you should know that Sarah is a catch and a half. Give her a call. You will not be sorry.

  4. Taylor that is the sweetest endorsement I've ever heard! Does this make you my pimp now?