Friday, May 21, 2010

Switching It Up

I post a lot of different versions of "Don't Stop Believin'." A lot. I can't help it. I've said time and time again that it's my favorite Journey song, as unoriginal as that is. However, I thought I'd switch it up tonight and post a video of Journey doin' their thang in Japan and performing "Still They Ride." I think this version is the download Deb over at Chosen Madness sent me earlier this month, but I couldn't open the file so I don't for sure. However, I'm gonna assume that it's this version, as she's linked to this video a couple times from her Twitter account. So without further ado, feast your ears and eyes on a performance that's as old as I am and get ready to have a PIO. You're welcome.

Edit: Oh, sheeyit! Just got an email from Deb saying the download she sent me was the whole mo' fuggin' Budokan concert! Maybe, just maybe, if I can get the file open and unzipped and figure out how to post sound files on here, I will post some of the songs! How 'bout dat, eh?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Now, Get Ready to Get Jealous

You have to read the title of this post in your best Mike Rowe voice to get it. Anyway, something is different about me. Can you guess what it is?

Why yes, I am rocking a vintage-inspired Journey concert t-shirt! How good of you to notice! You like? More importantly, are you jealous? (Just add to my inflated sense of self-worth and say yes.)

My friend Ali and I spotted this baby this past weekend at Hot Topic on a shopping excursion during which, ironically, we were complaining about how stores seem to be carrying t-shirts for every musician and band under the sun except Journey. There were only a few left, but they were in our sizes. Forget the theological and scientific debates--this is proof that God exists. And don't worry--as much as I want you guys to be envious and hate me just a little for owning such a sweet article of clothing, the part of me that has a conscience wants you to be able to experience the thrill of owning one yourselves. So go here or visit your local Hot Topic if you just have to get your grubby little paws on a shirt, like, now.

Boob, Leg or Ass Man?

I'm actually in the process of writing up a post designed to make all you mofos jealous of yours truly, but in the meantime I thought I'd post this snippet I found on Chosen Madness because it's hilarious (jump to 1:31):

That, my friends, is Steve Perry openly ogling the mammaries of some chick whilst serenading her on an episode of Midnight Special, and answering the age-old question (well, next to the boxers-or-briefs debacle) of whether he's a boob, leg or ass man. Steve should consider himself lucky, as the woman doesn't seem to be offended; had it been any other man, though, she would have had none of it. Which brings to mind another question: Ladies, if you ever met Steve Perry and decided to chat him up, would you be offended if his eyes kept wandering below the neck, or would you tweet/blog/post on Facebook something along the lines of, "OH MY GOD, STEVE PERRY KEPT CHECKING OUT MY TITS! THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!"?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Videos!

Actually it's just one video, sorry. I'm a lying whore. But it's a good one, so that makes up for it, right? RIGHT? Anyway, I thought I'd kick the weekend off on a more mellow and relaxing note here on LOMFON and post a video my friend Brett shared with me. It's a cover of "Don't Stop Believin'," and I do believe it's my favorite cover so far. Yes, I like it even more than the Glee cover, because this version I think sounds like what the song is about--people who are lonely and in need of some lovin' so they partner up with the first available person they meet and love on them for a night. The melancholy vibe of this particular cover captures that desperation. And it manages to romanticize it, so when you listen to the song, you don't think, "Wow, a one-night stand. How whorish and desperate." In short--I think this cover gets it. Don't get me wrong, the original still is and will always be my favorite, but when you stop and think what the song is really about, Journey's version is a little too rocktastic. Not that there's anything wrong with that, though.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Fact or Fiction?

Steve Perry has a "love lair" aboard the International Space Station.

Fact. Now is as good a time as any to let the cat out of the bag, I guess. For a number of years, Steve Perry has had a private residence on board the International Space Station ("because Earth feels too confining sometimes"--his words, not mine). And within his private residence is his very own love lair, complete with all the Tang and freeze-dried ice cream you can consume. The few ladies who have been lucky enough to visit the lair liken it to Studio 54--except it's in space, and it's Journey, not disco, that is blasting from the speakers. The sexual experiences that these women are said to have had in that room are literally out of this world. It's that erotic, that mind-blowing, that the human body simply can't handle it within the gravitational confines of the planet Earth. Don't believe me? Remember that one astronaut chick who drove all the way from Texas to Florida in a diaper because she was all crazy and lovestruck and shit? It was because she got a little taste of some Steve Perry lovin' in space and wanted more, which brings me to another important point: Steve has to be extra cautious who he decides to sex up in the lair. Some people just can't handle it.