Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Steve Perry's New Year's Resolutions

1. Brush the ol' mane until it glows effervescently.

2. Add more ball-busting pants and women's blouses to the wardrobe. Hmm...maybe some vests, too. Not sure why I abandoned that trend.

3. Either bury the hatchet with Neal or kick his ass. Not sure which yet.

4. Start my Year of Celibacy. It's time I worked on myself and---LOL. Man. I couldn't even type that without laughing.

5. Maybe come out with some new stuff. Maybe.

6. Watch Glee.

7. Go to more baseball games and hype the crowd. They really seem to love that.

8. Chill with Sarah Silverman. You know, she tells the best---er, never mind. Don't want to add fuel to that fire.

9. Enter every single karaoke contest in the USA. And Canada. And Mexico. And WIN THEM ALL. Except I'll have to enter under my pseudonym, Peve Sterry.

10. Get a manicure. What, that's manly! What's the beginning of that word? That's what I thought.

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